Hi! I’m Kathleen and I’m passionate about hiking, backpacking and spending time in the Great Outdoors. My goal is to help you get inspired to go outside and plan your next adventure – whether it’s going on a day hike, overnight backpacking trip or thru-hiking a long distance trail for several months.

Have You Ever Wondered:

“What’s the best way to start day hiking or planning for an overnight backpacking trip?”

“Where should I go?”

“What kind of gear do I need?”

“What kind of food do I bring?

“How do I plan a thru-hike along a long-distance trail?”

What This Blog Will Do For You:

  • Provide you with tips on how to prepare for your next day hike, backpacking trip or long-distance hike
  • Inspire you to plan your next outdoor adventure
  • Test, review and recommend gear for hiking and backpacking
  • Share my favorite backcountry meals and recipes + introduce you to foods you can eat while day hiking or backpacking
  • Share what it’s like to go hiking and backpacking throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond
  • Share my own experiences of thru-hiking on long-distance trails

For questions, future collaborations and business inquires, send me an email at: Kathleen@The-Hungry-Hiker.com