Hiking and backpacking can be expensive. I know that sounds crazy. I mean, how expensive can it be to throw on a pair of shoes, load up a pack with the 10 Essentials and head out on a dirt trail for a few hours, days or months? Surprisingly pretty expensive actually. One of the most expensive parts about hiking and backpacking is buying gear. Gear can be as cheap (and usually heavy) or as light (and usually expensive) as you want it to be. For example, are you going to invest the $139 into a camping stove system that weighs 12 ounces or buy the $48 camping stove system that weighs 14 ounces?

The amount it costs to go hiking for a day or backpacking in the wilderness overnight will vary by person. When talking about thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, one of the first questions people ask me is, “How much does it cost?” For as many different hikers there are, there are just as many different budgets. One person might insist on having the latest and greatest gear where another hiker would be perfectly happy borrowing gear from a friend or family member.

When I first started hiking, I borrowed hiking and backpacking gear to use until I found the pieces I knew I couldn’t live without. I can read all the gear reviews and watch all the YouTube gear review videos, but only until I’ve had a chance to use the gear myself will I know whether or not it works for me on trail. Props to outdoor retailers like REI who have a flexible return policy and make it easy for members to return gear that doesn’t work for them.

A piece of gear I borrowed from a friend and quickly added to my own hiking/backpacking gear collection was the JetBoil MicroMo. JetBoil stoves aren’t the lightest or most compact backpacking stove by any means, but they boil water fast in all types of conditions (even if it’s windy out), helping to save on fuel and being able to prepare warm meals on trail faster. They’re also super easy to use and in addition to cooking, can also be used as a bowl and/or cup so you don’t have to pack any additional gear. The JetBoil MicroMo is an incredible cooking system, but it’s pricey, selling at REI for $139.95.

For all of my outdoor adventurers on a budget, I’ve found an affordable, comparable backcountry cooking system option for you that’s less than half the cost of a JetBoil!

APG Camping reached out to me recently, asking if I’d like to try one of their camping stoves. I chose the Mini 2-Color, 0.9L Camping Stove because it was similar to the JetBoil MicroMo I used on both of my PCT thru-hikes. Like the JetBoil, the APG Camping Stove:

  • Has a control valve for simmer control
  • Includes a drink-through lid with both a pour spout and strainer
  • Has a push-button ignition
  • Is designed with windproof technology making the stove easy to use in windy conditions
  • Can store a 110g/40oz fuel canister inside the pot
  • Uses canister fuel, which is not included with the stove

In addition to the features above, the APG Camping Stove also comes with two Neoprene sleeves (one in red and the other in green) and a carrying bag. The APG Camping stove is slightly larger than the JetBoil MicroMo. The dimensions for the JetBoil MicroMo are 4.1 x 6.5 inches, has the liquid capacity of 27 fluid ounces and weighs in at 12 ounces. The 0.9L APG Camping Stove’s dimensions are 4.3 x 4.3 x 6.3 inches, has the liquid capacity of 30 fluid ounces and weighs in at 14 ounces. Both the JetBoil and APG Camping stoves are integrated canister systems, which means they require a fuel canister to be thread directly into the stove. These all-in-one stove systems come with a specially designed cooking pot. Both the JetBoil and APG Camping cooking systems are compact, efficient, lightweight, designed for low fuel consumption, able to work in windy conditions and have the ability to boil water within a few minutes.

I put both the APG Camping and JetBoil stove to the test, side-by-side, to see which one boils water faster using two cups of water with the gas valve turn all the way on. Watch the video to see which stove won the boiling water contest:

The BIGGEST difference between these two stoves is that the 0.9L APG Camping Stove is $93 less than the JetBoil, selling on Amazon for only $46.88 and includes free shipping! Plus, if you use my special APG Camping discount code, APGxKathleen, you’ll receive an additional 10% off your purchase through September 30th.

APG Camping wants to help hikers and backpackers get out to enjoy the great outdoors without breaking the bank. Their mission is to provide quality camping gear at an affordable price. When you spend less money on gear to get outside, you’ll have more money left over for important things like food and the actual experience.

Interested in other APG Camping products? Here are a couple other APG Camping stove cooking system options that are also available through Amazon:

1.4L Camping Stove Cooking System
Mega 1.6L Camping Stove Cooking System

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