When I first started hiking and backpacking, I didn’t know anyone else who wanted to get out on trail as much as I did. I wanted so badly to get out on trail for day hikes and overnight backpacking trips, but often found I had no one to go with.

I got tired of waiting for someone else to go backpacking with me.

THIS is how I got started with solo backpacking.

It was a long, hard process. Lots of trail and error, or as a friend of mine says, trail and error, of trying to figure out not only how to plan a trip, where to go and what to bring, but also how to build up my confidence to get out there and do this thing by myself.

When I finally decided to put together The Confident Solo Female Backpacker System over a year ago, part of why I wanted to create a program like this was to help inspire more women to face their fears, get out of their own way and get out on trail for their own solo adventures.

Selfishly, my ultimate goal is to see more women out on trail and I want to help them get there.

The other part of creating this program has been all about creating a community of other likeminded female hikers and backpackers. It’s the community of women I wish I had access to when I first started hiking and backpacking.

Almost every weekend since December, I’ve been getting out on trail with students from The Confident Solo Female Backpacker System. We’ve hiked in the rain, snow and sunshine. We’ve gone hiking and backpacking up in the mountains, along beaches, in the forest, to lakes and in the desert.

I love getting to spend time with my students out on trail. I love hearing how this program I created – the one I tried talking myself out of creating for over 3 years, the one I was so scared to make come to life – has changed some aspect of their life in a positive way, whether it’s:

  • Getting out on trail for her first solo hike
  • Discovering winter hiking for the first time and falling love with it
  • Finally having something she loves to do that is just for her
  • Being able to create her own life reset button
  • Getting to meet other women who love hiking and backpacking as much as she does and
  • Hearing how she’s planning trips with her new backpacking friends

Solo backpacking will always be my jam but having this incredible community of female hikers and backpackers through The Confident Solo Female Backpacker System to plan trips, talk about all the things hiking and backpacking and get out on trail with has been my most favorite part of creating this program and it really makes my heart sing.

If you’ve been thinking about wanting to get out on trail by yourself, either for solo day hikes or overnight backpacking trips, my question to you is:

What are you waiting for?

If not now, when?

CLICK HERE to learn more about The Confident Solo Female Backpacker System and how this program and its community of incredible women can help you go from dreaming about backpacking to planning your next backpacking trip.

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